Black and White Poly Panda Film 5.5 mil and 7 mil

10' x 10' 5.5 Mil Panda Film

Improve your lighting efficiency with durable, 5.5 or 7.0 mil thick black and white Panda Film. The white surface of our Panda Plastic Film reflects 90% of light omitted and the black surface has blackout properties which prevents any light from penetrating through. The heavy-duty Panda poly is waterproof and also helps prevent algae and mold growth on walls.

You can also use Panda Plastic  for blackout window film - white side out will reflect the sun, but will block out any light coming in.  Need the light to reflect your lighting on the inside?  Put the black side out, and the white side will reflect the lighting.

 Panda Film goes by many names: Panda Plastic, Panda Poly, Black and White Panda Film, Black & White Poly, Blackout Material, Blackout Film

Panda Film 5.5 mil
5.5 mil Black & White Panda Film
Panda Film 7 mil
7 mil Black & White Panda Film