White Ball Ties - Premium

Ball Ties are made of high grade rubber bungee material connected to a plastic ball. They are Ideal for Stretching tarps tight on canopy frames, bundling pipes together, and holding things in their place.


Ball ties keep constant tension on the tarp, keeping it taut at all times. 
Ball ties may be one of the most versatile fasteners you have in your home, shop or business. Use them to bundle many small items or secure items to boats, luggage racks, pickup beds, RVs and Motorcycles. For more ideas check out our “101 uses for Bungee ball Ties”. 

Suggested sizes:
6" Ball ties for 3/4" and 1" frames
9" Ball ties for 1 3/8" and 1 5/8" frames
11" Ball ties for 1 7/8" frames

White ball ties are excellent to go with your white tarps, for weddings, events, or just because you want it to match. If you need a ball tie to stand up to the tough UV Rays, choose black.
11" White Ball Ties
11 Inch White Ball Bungee Ties
9" White Ball Ties
9 inch White Ball Bungee Ties
6" White Ball Ties
6 inch White Ball Bungee Ties