Heavy Duty Tarps

We have a large variety of Heavy Duty tarps in a wide variety of sizes!  From Sunblocking Silver to a Bright Orange or even camouflage, you're sure to find the poly tarp that you need.  These tarps are reinforced on the edges with rope, and have grommets approximately 18" o.c. Made from polyethylene with a UV inhibitor to help them weather the sun.  Heavy duty tarps are often the choice for your replacement canopy.  We also carry Valance Tarps that have a 1' skirt around all four edges for your replacment canopy top.

Measuring Instructions for replacement tarps

Silver Heavy Duty Sun Blocker Tarp
Heavy duty sunblocker tarp for canopies and other uses.
White Heavy Duty Tarp
Great projector screen tarps
Yellow Heavy Duty Tarp
High Visiblity Heavy Duty Tarp
Red Heavy Duty Tarp
High Visibility Heavy Duty Tarp
Desert Heavy Duty Tarp
Neutral Tan Color Tarp
Green Heavy Duty Tarp
Good Canopy tarps
Orange Heavy Duty Tarp
High Visibility Canopy Grade Tarp