Canopy Connector Fittings (Metal)

Metal fittings come in 5 different sizes.  Depending on the size/diameter of the fitting determines which kind of tubing you need to use.  Our 3/4" and 1" canopy connectors utilize EMT conduit.  Our 1-3/8", 1-5/8", and 1-7/8" use 16 gauge Chain Link Fence Tubing.  Are you looking for canopy connectors for pipe or tubing that you already have?  Check out our table showing the inside diameter of our fittings and the outside diameter of your tubing.  Metal fittings are available in 3 different roof pitches, as well as flat roofs and Gambrel roofs.  Use the fittings to get creative, like a building erector set, you can build shelving units, plant frames, wall tent frames, and more!



Sizing and Peak Information
What size tubing the fittings will fit over, and the peak style definition. Metal Fittings Use With EMT Conduit or Chain Link Fence Tubing (CLF)