Films and Coverings

We carry a couple of types of plastic sheeting for your greenhouse needs.  If you are looking for a greenhouse covering with insulation properties, the Solexx Greenhouse Covering is what you need.  It is a more rigid product, but you can easily use it on curved greenhouses as well as peak style greenhouses.  Many people have found other uses for this great light diffusing product. 

If you are looking for Commercial 6 mil greenhouse film, we carry the high quality Tufflite brand of film.  It is available in various widths by 100' long.  This is an excellent product that numerous nurseries and growers use on their large greenhouses.  You can also double it up to provide an insulation effect.

If you need a product to block out light, or to reflect light back to your plants, then take a look at our Black Out & Reflective Films.

Cannabis Greenhouse Covering
Why experienced Cannabis growers choose Solexx
Tufflite Commercial Greenhouse Film
4 Year and 1 Year Commercial Greenhouse Film. Sold by the roll, or cut to length.
Black Out Films
BOLD & Panda Black Out Cover Rolls
Solexx™ Greenhouse Covering
Double-walled insulated greenhouse material