Your Stop for the Quality Greenhouse You Want!


There is such a wide variety of types of greenhouses on the market.

We offer a couple of brands of greenhouses to meet most home greenhouse needs. 

Hobby Greenhouse Kits, Portable Greenhouses, Temporary Greenhouses, PVC Framed Greenhouses,

Raised Bed/Row Covers, Backyard Greenhouses, Garden Greenhouses... 

Green Houses come in many forms.  Check out our kits and our DIY Greenhouse Frames.

Build your own greenhouse frame with our PVC Fittings, Metal Fittings, or 2x4 Basics Kits and

cover it with Solexx Twin Wall Covering or with 6 mil. commercial film.

Solexx Greenhouses
Superior Framing and Twin Wall Covering
Shelterlogic Grow-It Greenhouses
Shelterlogic Fabric Covered Greenhouses
PVC Greenhouse Kit (Fittings and Snap Clamps Only)
PVC Fittings to use with PVC pipe. Then cover it with Solexx panels or 6 mil film.