Checkout Barriers & Sneeze Guards Keep People Safe

Utilize these Freestanding and Portable Checkout Barriers and Sneeze Guards on your checkout countertop, between checkout lines, between gym equipment, separating desks, as large crowd barriers, patient barriers and more. Make it freestanding, or attach it to the front of the counter.  The nice thing is that the clear fabric helps you not feel "closed in".  We can help with your design if you need something different than shown!  Let's work together to keep businesses open while social distancing and keeping everyone safe! The pictures below are using different clear fabrics, but we will be shipping with fabric like the picture of the white countertop unit.  All units use 20 mil Double Polished Clear PVC Vinyl Flexible Material.

These kits are available in WHITE, BLACK, or GREEN fittings, snap clamps and pipe. If you need a custom size, please call or email us and we can get you a quote!




The screen covering is a Clear Vinyl. We refer to it as "fabric" or "material" as we fabricate with it, and it is flexible and pliable. People are using this same Clear Vinyl for face shields, as it is not porous.  It is most often seen on boat enclosures, automotive windows (like fabric Jeep tops), awnings, tents, and tops.  The Clear Vinyl material resists yellowing, clouding, scratching, and UV damage.  That being said, you need to treat it cautiously when handling, so that you don't wrinkle it up and put scars in it.  


 Care and Cleaning of Clear Vinyl

Freestanding Floor Barriers
To use between equipment or desks
Countertop Sneeze Guard Barriers
For Low and High Counters